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科技创新体系组织架构图                                             科技发展委员会
            Organisation Chart of the Technological Innovation System
                                                                Technology Development Committee
                                                         专家委员                          科 协
                                                       Expert Committee            Science Association

                                                                       科 技 部
                                                                    Technology Department

                                             总部技术中心                 子企业技术中心                 重点工程研究组
                                          Technical Centre at Headquarters   Technical Centre at Branch Office  Major Projects Research Taskforce

            Promoting Business Development                         The Company’s technological innovation and construction projects
                                                               are closely integrated by directly applying technology research findings
                 云顶娱乐yd11888的科技创新与工程项目紧密结合,实践                         to projects, realising the principle of “Technological Advancement
            “科研进项目,项目促科研”的理念,将科研成果直接应                          for Projects, Projects to Enhance Technological Advancement”.
                                                               Our core housing construction techniques are enhanced through
                                                               technological innovation (including the ability to implement high-end
                                                               technical solutions for projects, ability to enhance design, and ability
            等),力求达到国内领先水平;确立“技术创效”和“技                          to adjust systems) to attain the highest standards in the country.  The
            术为经营服务”的技术发展理念,提升技术管理水平,提                          technological development themes “Technology for Effectiveness”
                                                               and “Technology for Service Operation” were established, to elevate
                                                               technological management standards and enhance the contribution
                                                               that technological advancement makes to the Company’s operations.
            场、大连郁景广场、长沙机场等多项重大工程的投标过程                              At the project tendering stage: Apply the technological innovations
            中,提高工程中标率。                                         into the tendering process for multiple major projects, such as Jinan
                                                               Wanda Square, Dalian Yujing Square and Changsha airport, to increase
                                                               the proportion of  tenders we win.
                                                                   At the project implementation stage: technological innovations
            全和工期的前提下,实现施工成本有效降低。例如在重庆                          provide practical technical support to projects, offering solutions to
            粉房湾长江大桥工程中对大桥大件吊装和高塔横梁模架的                          optimise numerous major constructions. Construction costs were
                                                               significantly trimmed, with quality, safety and on-time work schedules
                                                               guaranteed. For instance, solutions that optimised the lifting of massive
                                                               components and the high-rise tower and crossbeam frame of the
                                                               Chongqing Fenfangwan Yangtze River Bridge saved 8 million RMB.
            Promoting Industry Development
                                                                   The Company has always attained advanced standards in China’s
                                                               construction field. We focus on the healthy and sustainable development
                                                               of the industry, proactively contributing to the establishment of both
            司着眼于行业持续健康发展,主动承担和参与国家标准及                          state and industry standards, exploring innovative technologies and
            行业标准的制定,进行行业新技术、新工法的开发,推动                          new approaches, and promoting new industrial techniques and the
            新工艺、技术在行业的应用,为行业发展做出应有贡献。                          application of technology in the industry.
                                                                   The Company has pioneered research into green construction.
                                                               Together with the national, regional and industry associations,
            家、地方和行业协会的绿色建筑课题,引领行业绿色发                           the Company is concerned with topics in this field, and leads the
            展。2010年,编制完成国家标准《建筑工程绿色施工评                         development of a greener industry. In 2010, the company formulated
            价标准》,获得国家标准《建筑工程绿色施工规范》主编                          the Green Construction Implementation Assessment Standards
                                                               and was the chief editor of the Green Construction Implementation
                                                               Regulations , both of which became national benchmarks. The
            设计标准》和中国房地产研究会《低碳住宅技术体系框架                          Company was also involved in formulating the Chongqing Green
            及减排指标》;编制《绿色住区建筑技术标准——华东                           Construction Assessment Standards, the Green Construction Design
            篇》,提倡采用适合区域特点、低成本、高效能的绿色建                          Standards , as well as the Low Carbon Residential Technology
                                                               System Framework and Low Emissions Benchmark for the China
                                                               Real Estate Research Association. In addition, the Green Residential
            境友好性。                                              Construction Technology Standards – Eastern China was formulated
                 云顶娱乐yd11888在行业新技术、新工法方面取得新进展。                        where there was a proposal to use low-cost and highly efficient

         42  云顶娱乐yd11888股份有限企业
            China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
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