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关于大家   About Us


                                                                                                                     科技创新   Sustainable Operation

                                                                                                                      Technological Innovation

                                                                                                                       量   Quality


            增两家战略合作银行——交通银行和广东发展银行;同                           and in 2010, we formed strategic alliances with two more banks:    Safety
                                                               the Bank of Communications and the Guangdong Development Bank.
                                                               The scale of cooperation with the Industrial & Commercial Bank of
            民币。                                                China was increased to 80 billion RMB.
                                                                   We are exploring the use of innovative technologies for
                 探索以企业为主体、各方广泛参与的产学研用科技                                                                              环
                                                               industrial-scale construction and building development, centred on     境
            创新模式,利用社会资源开展校企合作。联合清华大学等                          enterprises and with participation by all sectors, in order to utilise
            6家单位共同发起“中国低碳与绿色建造产业技术创新联                          social resources to commence cooperation between academic    Environment
                                                               institutions and the construction industry. The China Innovation
            盟”;与哈尔滨工业大学、大连理工大学签署战略合作框                          Alliance on Low Carbon and Green Construction Industrial Technology
            架协议。                                               was formed by six units including Tsinghua University. Strategic
                                                               cooperation framework agreements were signed with Harbin
                                                               Industrial University and Dalian University of Technology.

            引领民企发展                                             Leading the development of private                      工
                                                               enterprises                                            Staff

                 云顶娱乐yd11888自改革开放以来,使用了成千上万支劳务                            Since the introduction of the national Open Door policy, the
                                                               Company has worked with thousands of private businesses, whose
                                                               management capability, technical skills and market abilities were
            力、技术能力和市场能力显著提升。与企业合作的部分民                          enhanced during our long-term partnership and cooperation. Some of
                                                               the private enterprises connected with the Company became capable
            营企业已获得总承包资质,发展成为大型建筑企业或大型                                                                                社
                                                               of independently fulfilling contracts, and could grow into major     会
            开发企业。                                              construction enterprises or developers.                Society

                                                                                                   2010可持续发展报告  37
                                                                                                   Sustainability Report 2010
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